Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD

Choosing the right CBD product can feel like an overwhelmingly daunting task. With so many options to choose from on the market, how can one be sure they’re selecting the best and highest-quality choice? There are several components to consider when choosing the right CBD for you, and here we will break down some of the most important factors to remain mindful of.

Farming Practices

Just like other plants, crops, and harvested goods, how CBD is farmed has a direct correlation with the quality you’re receiving. At Maui Farma, we use USDA Organic full-spectrum hemp oil in all of our products, meaning we only source from organic farms, whether it be locally in Maui or from other farms that follow these protocols.

Organic farming supports both ethical conditions and sustainability, lessening our carbon footprint and honoring our home planet. Additionally, we believe that our products should be sourced in a natural and eco-friendly way to limit any exposure you have to agrochemicals. Our products were designed to benefit you, not harm you.

Third-Party Lab Testing

CBD feels like it’s anywhere and everywhere nowadays. Because of its high popularity and fast surge into the market, it can be tricky to really know what you’re receiving and if it’s the best option for you. Third-party testing can provide clarity on what components or impurities CBD products contain, whether or not the product’s packaging accurately reflects the product itself, if any harmful components are present in the CBD, and if the product remains stable once packaged.   Third-party lab testing is a crucial step in delivering high-quality CBD and a step we practice thoroughly at Maui Farma. We recommend users opt for third-party tested products so they can remain confident in the products they’re receiving. This will guarantee an organic CBD that contains necessary cannabinoids to improve overall effectiveness and is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and bio-contaminants, providing zero consumer uncertainty.  

CBD Forms

  CBD is produced and sold in several forms, some more popular than others. Not sure where to start? Let’s break things down. 

  • Tinctures – Typically taken orally, tinctures are extractions of herbs utilizing a CO2 method which prevents the damage of many important components of the herb itself. While this form is usually more expensive, the effectiveness and potency are what make it such a popular way to consume CBD. Some people also incorporate tinctures into food and drinks.
  • Vapes – Some research argues that vaping is the most effective way to consume CBD. When CBD is inhaled, cannabinoids are able to reach the bloodstream almost immediately because they enter by way of the respiratory tract. Consuming CBD orally means your body will need to process, digest, and absorb the CBD, which is a slower process. Vaping CBD that is organic and high-quality might not be the fastest or most available method, but don’t count this form out because of it!
  • Edibles – Who doesn’t enjoy implementing CBD into food? Consuming CBD edibles are easier to dose than some other forms and have become highly available on the market. When choosing an edible, be sure to consider the effectiveness of the CBD, as research shows absorption significantly increases when the edible is oily or fatty.
  • Topicals – Topical use of CBD is among the increasingly popular ways to consume it and can be incredibly useful if you suffer from achy joints or muscles. Did you know that cannabinoid receptors are concentrated in the brain, the central nervous system, internal organs, and throughout the immune system? Did you also know they are found in our skin? This means topical use of CBD has a direct effect on the localized area and does a tremendous job at relieving pain or soreness.

Transparent & Straightforward Labeling Standards

It’s incredibly important for any CBD product to have clear, transparent, and straightforward labeling to ensure the user is receiving accurate information. When choosing a CBD product, the ingredients should be listed in a way you can understand.  Additionally, each product should mention important factors including potency, suggested use, and which type of CBD it contains whether it be full-spectrum or isolate. If you’re considering a CBD product that isn’t clear in articulating these factors, it’s best to move on to one that is.   Choosing the right CBD product for you can feel overwhelming with a surging and quickly developing market, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider these points when carefully selecting your CBD of choice to ensure you’re receiving a high-quality product and a bang for your buck.


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